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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Getting into BIOS with UEFI

Some of the new PC or Laptop comes with something too smart for its own good. Trying to get into your BIOS to change boot order, enable VT and everything seems like nightmare and with the Fastboot, you always get into Windows within a few seconds...

Well, there is a way to get into BIOS, but its not about hammering your keyboard madly during bootup. Instead, go into your Windows and do this:

From Windows:
Press Windows Key+C (Open 'Charms')
> Settings
> Change PC Settings
> General
> Advanced Setup
> Restart Now

Computer restarts on the Choose an option screen
> Troubleshoot
> Advanced Options
> UEFI Firmware Settings
> Restart

How in the world would someone be expected to know this...?

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