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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Mcafee vs Mcafee aka Error 12152 vs the Internet

Today, I am going to tell you a joke. Well, seriously I find it funny. There is this quite clumsy web proxy product from Mcafee call "Webwasher" (or Web Gateway as what it is called today) which more or less prevents direct downloading of most binaries, thus crippling most web storage as well as even Windows Play Store itself. This is the product information:

And which other product is the most well known from Mcafee? Yes, Viruscan or Internet Security:

As the days of media evolves... think is long forgotten. I recalled "buying" my viruscan DOS update from computer shops before BBS got popular, then there were diskette... and later CDs and so on... Now, guess what? You can no longer install Mcafee Internet Security from a media. You will need to download it via the "web installer". And I am not bullshitting this, read this: 

Normally, I would see other product introducing the offline installer here. But not for Mcafee.

Well, I promise you a joke, so here it is. Why do you think I need an offline installer? Yes, its well thanks to Mcafee Web Gateway! The very product that is stopping me from Mcafee Internet Security is from Mcafee! And to make it worse, it is not even listed as an incompatible product here:

Well, it was a good laugh and I guess gave me the perfect reason to say "No" to Mcafee and move on. Well in case you are still wondering if the CD does exist, I would say... "Maybe.." Try asking the local store for the box version and shake it real hard... If it sound like there is a CD inside... you mayb be in luck, but I am skeptical.

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