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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Intel Rapid Storage Technology - Intel Smart Response Technology Problems and Solutions Unable to Activate Acceletate

Intel Rapid Storage Technology

This should be the reason why you had bought your Z series or other high end motherboard. If not, then you might be under utilizing it. This group of technology had evolved into many complex functions which I might talk about in the future when I have time. Today I want to talk about one particular expects of it. Smart Response Technology.

For a readup, here is the official site:

In English, its just the use of SSD to cache your HDD whether the SSD is build in or a separate one.
Let's see that is the requirement to have this feature:

1. SSD free space (unpartitioned) 16GB-64GB (MAX, Intel had determine anything more than 64GB is not effective)
2. HDD (whether OS is on it is optional, do not believe the BS that tells you that OS MUST be on a HDD)
3. Intel chipset Z68, Z87, Q87, H87, Z77, Q77, H77 motherboard.
4. Intel RST Software installed. (
5. BOTH SSD and HDD must be plug into the Intel SATA clot, not the 3rd party ones. You can verify this when you
6. At least 2MB of unallocated space on your HDD.

I am not going to write a set up guide, but link to one instead:

Most people either had partioned the SSD or simply plug into the wrong SATA port which make the installation failed. For those who could not activate SRT because there is no Accelerate button. TAKE NOTE OF POINT 6 above! Somehow Intel need some space (2M on mine.,. but I suspect it may varies depending on your HDD). Simple shrink your partition and expand it again later.

Happy SSDing...

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