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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Diyomate K9 Firmware Update A20 14-5-8

Well, it seems that a lot of people had been looking for the firmware to update your Diyomate K9 and it was nowhere to be found, even on Diyomate's website. Actually, to be honest, it IS on Diyomate's site here:

But it doesn't say K9 anywhere right? Yes, that is because the K9 box uses a chip call A20 (AllWinner) and Diyomate release the firmware according to the chipset rather than the Box model. Now you will see that there are 2 firmware release in May for A20.
So, what is the differences? Well in case you did not know,the K9 is one of the few model from Diyomate that ships with an option to have either Android or Ali YunOS. So theses 2 files corresponds to the 2 different options. And the good news is that in case you had chosen the wrong version, you just need to reflash it or if you want to change to the other favors, you too can just flash that in.

Ask me, personally, I prefer Ali YunOS and in fact, that is what you actually paid a little bit more for!

Have fun with your upgraded firmware! (Please copy all your important files to your SDCard first before flashing...)

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