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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Adobe Flash Player 13 Full Offline Installer - Fixing the stopped at 7% Error

The latest Flash Player 13 may had stopped downloading for some at 7% and giving a message:
"Lost connection. Trying to reconnect..."
And actually it does nothing of that sort...

The Flash installer had been one of the worse nightmare ever. For a start, its a EXE executable, but because of whatever reason, something its saved as a ZIP and you can imagine the mess of confusion it is to average user.

Then the download is horrible and I get 10% success rates only in some places.

To top that up, the installer is ALWAYS deleted once it is ran and no matter if it is successful or not! Obviously a waste of bandwidth.

I had talked about it again and again in the past:

My advise is DON'T use Flash. Really. Given the track record, its probably one of the easiest door to open on your PC if not the MOST. And most of the bigger players had long given up on Flash, like Apple (not surprising) and finally Google in Android 4.4.

But if you really have no choice, need to run it in a VM etc, there is still the option to download it.
Just go to :

And I really want to stop hot-linking the direct EXE file now since Flash is updated ever so often and that last thing I need is to misdirect someone into downloading a old version.

But hopefully, I will not need to post this for Flash 14 (if it will ever exist...)

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