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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Problem with HDMI Deep Color

Recall that life was very different after I had gotten my Onkyo Amplifier. Not just in terms of better entertainment, but I had to get in touch with lots of troubleshooting and face with new terms like HDMI, ARC, optical channels etc. Well, if you had read my previous posts, you will know I had a fair amount of problems with Diyomate. Well, to be fair, Diyomate is actually pretty goo, just that it does not play too well with my Onkyo.

So today, I am going to talk about a feature in the HDMI that is known as "Deep Color". A pictures says more than 1000 words, so here:

I think its needless to say that with an option like "Deep Color" I would not think twice to enable it. This is exactly what I did on my Measy X5.

Measy X5 is a fantastic 3D Player with a build in HDD bay and it really works very well. Except until I played with this "Deep color" feature. Normally, this would problem not cause a lot of issue. But it happens that Onkyo does not like the additional data in the video send by this "Deep Color" feature. What happened was that I often get video off (black screen) while the sound goes on (also carried by the HDMI cable). It is very irritating especially when I cannot even finish watching a 20+ anime without hitting this a few times. In addition, sometimes the Onkyo will display an error message that goes something about an incompatible video stream was detected...

So, I did my research and guess what? Almost nothing support the "Deep Color" feature. Not your common DVD or BLu-ray player. Not your common amplifier. Not even some of the TV! I wondered why I like to create so much problem for myself!

Anyway, in short, I finally switched it off and found out that this is indeed the option that had created the problem for me. So now, my Measy X5 doesn't output "Deep Color" and everything is working once again. I really hope this helps anyone who has a similar issue out there!

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