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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

ARC issue continued...

In a previous post, I talked about connecting my amplifier Onkyo TR-NX515 with my Sharp LC-60LE640X LED TV and having ARC control issue.

Well, just to follow up, the problem was resolved the moment I pull out my Diyomate K9 IPTV player:
It's definitely puzzling. At first, I suspected it was my HDMI 7 on my Onkyo because it was designated for the TV/OUT if I am not using the ARC HDMI 1, but it turns out that its ok when I plug in my Playstation on that port. So, it has to be the Diyomate K9:

I give up connecting it to the amplifier and uses HDMI 2 on the TV instead. But guess what? After a brief 30 minutes after I plug it into the TV, my TV Aquos Link went crazy again, switching off Audio SP to SP and back to where I started when my ARC did not work.

So, why did it not work? Does the K9 has some signal that it send back to the TV telling it to off the Audio SP? Or does it interfere with the HDMI signal such that it does not work. That is something I will need to find out. OF course, saying that means I have another solution in mind, but I shall keep it to the next post, while I wait for my cable to arrive from China.

Meanwhile, at least some good news is that I got BPL on my IPTV. Yes, its amazing when you look wider and broader and the solution is actually right in front of you. Not that I am a big soccer fan though.

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