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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


One fine day at work, one fine Windows 8 which was shutdown properly last night, but it did not boot up like it always had in the morning. Instead, what greeted me was a BSOD, well the new BSOD anyway saying something about a "DPC_WATCHDOG Violation". Now, isn't that puzzling. First, its about a watchdog, which I obviously did not bought one and then there was a violation. Did a bad dog run into Windows 8?

After some 30 minutes of read up (using another OS on another partition), I finally found the root of the problem. Well, at least for most other users. It comes down to 3 software.

  1. AVG Antivirus or similar suites
  2. Kaspersky Antivirus or similar suites
  3. ATI Radeon Catalyst 

Well , there are not in order, but for me, I had AVG. And luckily I had this OS (Windows 7) on another partition and simply out of my mind, I rename c:\program files (x86)\AVG to AVG1 and restarted Windows 8.

TADA. OMG, it was really AVG! I had seen success stories from other users for KAV, KIS as well. Seems like these AV companies tried to compete on who gets their product Windows 8 compatible and they made some pretty fatal mistakes along the way. For ATI, it may be a bit more involved to skip start it, but since I did not encounter that I would let other users who had to tell their stories.

Guess, what is the first thing I did after I recovered my Windows 8?

From that day onwards, AVG and Kaspersky is banned from all my Windows 8 machines.

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