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Monday, March 18, 2013

Adobe Flash Player Download Woe

At version 11.6 now, still full of bugs, yet Adobe Flash player is still plagued with a fundamental fatal error in their update. People all over are still getting the XX % failed to download and to make it worse, Adobe fail to check if the update was even successful at all before deleting the install. In short, when you need to retry, you can't just retry. You will need to download the installer again. Well, of course you can make a copy of it, but if the download problem doesn't get solve, you will still be stucked.

To make things worse, Flash is plagued with critical vulnerability and perhaps one of the biggest issue is that user is not able to update their player thus helping in the exposure of the threat. While Adobe may not see this in this light, it is definitely something I feel they should fix since it had been there since a long time ago.

The most direct solution is to download directly from the source, but instead the full installation package instead of the minimum internet download installer.

Download the full package from:

OR simply stop using Flash altogether.

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