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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A little update about myself

I know I had not been updating my blog much and probably quite disappointing to my loyal followers as a results. Most of my updated had been placed on Facebook, but that I notice is only for limited amount of people I know. So I will actively try to come back to Blogger and post my articles here.

Recently I had gotten several hardware and had immerse myself deeping in the world of Android (hacking). I have a few phones on GB, ICS from WildFire S to Galaxy S2, several tablets from Nook Tablet to Gemei G9. In short, plenty of room to play with experimental Android stuff. I had also gotten myself lots of chance to try out patching and flashing with Odin, Zerg rush etc and custom ROM had really open my eyes to many things. I will find some chance to post some steps on some of the steps I took. Probably fun.

I also went deeper into Android hacking about masking IMEI, IMSI etc All these I probably will be talking about it in the near future about using specific software and even rom patching to archive. All these can have many uses in term of gaming, overcoming software limitations or maybe it's just simply privacy.

In any case, I wanted to say is that, Thanks for not giving up on my blog yet. I'll back!

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