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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Goodbye Bullguard, Hello Bitdefender

One of the main Internet Security Suite I had been using is Bullguard Internet Security ( ). It may not had been the BEST and most accurate detector in the market, but it certainly had done its job protecting me when I somehow miss a click and allowed something to run. Bullguard is backed with Outpost's firewall and Bitdefender's AV engine, which in my opinion is one of the BEST in the market. Bullguard had its glory, claiming VB100 awards ( and what is most important is that it is user friendly. There aren't millions of click allows like some other AV suite such as Kaspersky or Qihun 360 which basically made the product totally unusable since I will be spending most of my time clicking "Yes, Allow, Remember (PLEASE!)".

But sad to say, my subscription is coming to an end soon and I am in the process to reacquire another AV product for my mainstream machines. I do not mind going again with Bullguard, but since the Windows Home Server 2011 issue, it had basically crippled all my PC Backups.

After some research, I decided to go with Bitdefender for a while since it was the same engine. just directly from the original AV company now. Moreover, the 2011 version had gotten really lots of good review. However, since I will be using the latest version, I will be using the 2012. Well, I will be posting some review of my own soon.

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