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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Where is my shell - Ubuntu 11.10

I know this is late, but I had been real busy in the past month over things which matters and does not matters. Eventually, I even missed to download and install Ubuntu 11.10 when it was out in Oct... But its better late than never since 12.04 is in alpha1 only and will only be available in April 2012.

The first thing I saw after a reboot as a culture shock.

The familiar top menu is gone and how do I start a shell? I tried right clicking and look for it on the top right, but its not there...

Well thats the good part about installing this late, but other people had done it and had wrote up documents on how-to do this and that. It seems that the terminal is not hidden inside the DASH icon.

Anyway, this is the new desktop interface call Unity. At the first look, I like the new Ubuntu 11.10. Its about time Linux gets it right.

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