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Thursday, December 08, 2011

eNet problem with Chrome browser - Solved

Sometimes, we just do not have a choice. Some of the eGovernment services happens to use something known as eNets, which in my very humble opinion is still fucked up as ever. Out of the 2 times I have to use it in the pass 1 month, one of then returned a 404 page not found and the other one certain made me bang table.

Just put the 404 one aside since I do not care, as long as I attempted to pay, if the payment failed, I would point finger at Nets. The second case was actually much worse. But since I am here to bitch about it, I might as well start from the beginning.

It all started when I needed to renew some something which is not important in the story. And I ended up on the payment gateway. Its none other than eNets. I actually wonder why the Singapore government continue to use such a lousy payment system. Even some of the primitive China payment gateway works better than this. Anyway that aside it could be a left pocket right pocket things, it still doesn't solve my problem.

When I made the payment after filling up the big long form, a golden bar pops up on my Chrome browser. Well, it seems like it needs Java and Chrome had to be sure to ask me. +1 for Chrome. When I click run, it loads Java, but the form is still stuck, The fields are not enabled and I cannot type in anything at all. Now that sucks. I know I should go and complain, but I also know they will go tell me to use IE6. So just fuck it.

The most natural thing to do was to press F5 to refresh the page. And guess what, it failed once again and now I am unable to pay because there is an active sessions. Ok, thats a good precaution, but it suggest that I close the browser and try again. And so I did, losing all the entered data and I had to go through the forms once more. This time I tried to enable the Java run, but still it doesn't load. That's just fucked up.

Ok, if I am going to bitch about it, I might as well give everyone a solution here. On the payment form. there is actually a Cancel button. Go click that and you will be returned to the page which you came in from. You can submit the payment once more and since you already allowed the Java to run, it will load successfully this time, thus enabling you to complete you payment.

I know by the time you find this page, its probably already too late, but having a workaround sure beats having to go queue up and submit anything manually. I just hope that company like Nets wake up their idea and make their application compatible with other browsers! And IE6 is in no way the dominating browser anymore since a few years back!!!

If Java does not load on eNets page, DO NOT REFRESH or PRESS F5!!! Instead, click cancel and you will be allowed to resubmit the payment request.


zahirul said...

Greetings I stumbled on your blog by mistake when i was searching Live search for this concern, I need to tell you your website is quite useful I also seriously like the design, it is great!

Winston Avalon said...

It went down due to domain expiry??!! This is crap.

Winston Avalon said...

It went down due to domain expiry??!! This is crap.

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