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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Private Firewall and Comodo Anti Malware

I had previous mentioned that I had given up Bullguard ( in favor for 2 products on one of my system and so far it seems to be working good. Let me talk a little more about these 2 products.

First, its a FREE personal firewall call PrivateFirewall. Something special about this firewall is that it does a little bit more than the normal host based firewall. It does process detection, anti screen, key logging as well as system anamly. These are actually very good measures against trojans. Because it does not actually have a detection modules, Trojan may somehow be able to install, but when it tries to does anything funny, PrivateFirewall is likely to be able to catch it and terminate it because it connects back. Its not fool proof, but at least it does that part the firewall should.

Download PrivateFirewall from:

Therefore I still strongly recommend that a malware detection engine be installed. In this case, I choose AD-Aware FREE. IT does not have the Firewall, which is only in the PRO version. Ad-Aware had ben gaining some attention recently and I reckon that I should give it a chance. However, I am not sure if its because it doesn't play nice with other security products, I am unable to activate the other components besides than registry which then is pretty useless for me.

If you are not using Private Firewall, Ad-Aware may work for you:

So, my quest continues for the Anti Malware that works with PrivateFirewall and I eventually end up with Avast (for now). Avast FREE had always been one of the more popular choices because of its high accuracy and effective protection. However, it was a bit heavy on the GUI resources and I kinda avoided it until now.

So, here is the link to get Avast FREE. You will have to activate it with your email though.

Lets see how this deployment goes and I will post some updates again soon.

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