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Sunday, August 28, 2011

PC Tools Threatfire vs Windows Home Server 2011

I had merely touched on a Anti malware called Threafire ( in my previous post, which claim to be very effective and could be combined with other AV products to increase effectiveness. I had tried the product for a while in the past. It is not very heavy in memory, but I think eventually, it is something like a IDS with cloud analysis. This is a really good and cheap addon if you only have the AV component.

For my WHS 2011, I had been tweaking to get the best AV/Firewall combination working. In the end, my last configuration was:

  • Comodo Internet Security 2011 Pro (Firewall Off)
  • Threatfire 
It turns out that I am unable to open the Dashboard from a remote workstation. I pinpointed the problem to Threatfire somehow blocking it and there is no configuration to unblock it. So, in the end (for now), Threatfire is kicked out of the WHS and everything is working fine now again.

So, after a extended period of hunting, the best combination I could get working is Comodo Internet Security 2011 Pro without the Firewall enabled. Let me know how you addresses your WHS 2011 AV/FW needs!


ZZZAAA said...

I would like to install Comodo on my WHS 2011 , but all the time I got a message "This installation does not support target platform". Can You explain me, how You install Comodo on WHS 2011 ? Or advice me any other firewall for WHS 2011 ? Thanks for Your answer , DM

Winston Avalon said...

I installed using the Comodo Internet Security (which includes firewall etc, but I disabled those).

Which URL and installer did you choose? If they had added in new checks, perhaps I can upload my trial installer.

DM said...

I try to install letest version of Comodo Internet security and Comodo Firewallfrom Comodo's web pages ...Thanks a lot for any info...
Best regards DM

Winston Avalon said...

Here is the installer which I used, and it so happens to be a 1 year trial. Good for everyone.

Please try is and let me know if this installed. I suppose you can always upgrade it from this older version.

DM said...

Thanks for Your info, but during installation is internet connection required (to activate trial versin), but in this step I got all the time only message " an internet connection is required". There is no problem connect to internet (IE works, any other programs work), I don't know where is the problem... DM

Winston Avalon said...

Try to connect to Comodo's site using the build in IE. Although I did not change any settings but I suspect the IE "secure" mode may be causing it some issues. I will try to get hold of a trial VM and test out the comodo to see if I can recreate your problem.

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