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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good Job Microsoft Hardware!

If you have read enough of my blog, you will notice MOST of the time, I go about suxing about some poor services, something that doesn't work etc... Today, I am going to do something different! Yes, and Microsoft happens to be our focus today. Let me tell the story first.

My trusty Microsoft mouse finally broke down near the end of its warranty period and I figure I probably should send it back for a replacement. The mouse was show signs of skipping and I could even shoot properly in F3ar. So I begin to kick start the process by emailing Microsoft hardware. anyway, as usual the links was really hard to find and I think I just email the general support in the end. After which, I swap my mouse to something usable.

Within a day, I received a reply asking me to confirm some drivers, settings etc plus to give them the proof of ownership of the mouse, which I went through and promptly replied. Then I was too busy for a few days and spending some time outside office. So, I totally forgotten about it.

One afternoon not long after I actually got a call from a foreign number (I guess support is not hosted locally then) and a representative from Microsoft actually spoke to me on the phone, giving me an update that the Mouse is now schedule for replacement and I need to confirm that I will accept the replacement model (apparently my model was no longer in production). I was so surprise! When have the support bother to actually try and close the case by contacting the customer? In mose case, if you never call and bug them after a certain time period, they will just throw the case in some store room. But NOT Microsoft. They proactively contacted me (even a phone call, after I had failed to read my emails). After the verbal confirmation, I sent out my official OK on the email and the replacement Mouse came the next evening. n fact, I still got another call in a few days after that. The Microsoft representative wanted to check with me if I had gotten the replacement Mouse and whether it is working alright for me. Definitely a 5 ***** service I say. With that, I am also require to reply and close the case.

I know some of you will probably guess that their support KPI is probably based on cases closed, but their promptness and proactiveness in making sure the case get closed sucessfully is impresssive. I think this is one of the reason why even today. I still own the top of the line Microsoft Gaming products instead of switching to Razor or Logitech. OK, they are cheaper btw, but in no way inferior in my impression.

Well, maybe you can share your experience in dealing with Microsoft hardware support in my comments!

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