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Thursday, July 28, 2011

MKV plays with sound, but without video on media players

Have this problem, and yet its not all MKV behind as such? If so, you are in luck, because I have the solution for you here.

First, lets explain whats the problem. In order to save header space (who is not much point consider the MKV is like 8GB and you save 1MB on header...), MKV had implemented a new header compression function for the audio tracks which is default in some version of MKVmerge v4.1.0 (that's another good reason to hate Apple users). Because of this new implemented feature, it is practically forced down, without working out with the manufacturers of the media players.

More info:

As such, we need a tool to undo this, or simply give up and play with PC. The original MKVtoolnix will work (it even has windows version):

There is a batch file created to help make this simple with mkvtoolnix as well, which I had uploaded here:
Just download it and put into same directory of mkv and run it.

But, I prefer to keep it simple and not install or configure too much to fix this. There is a specific tool for cleaning up the mess so that the file can be played by the media players.

Hope this help you. If so, do leave me a comment so that I know it actually works for you guys!

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