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Sunday, June 12, 2011

PSP Firmware 6.39-ME5

I decided to jump up to the version 6 firmware finally after hanging around 5.50-pro for a while. I had found that for v6, there are 2 main camp now. ME by Nuer0n and Pro by TEAM PRO. I had decided to go with ME since there are clearer instructions and such, where TEAM PRO does not comes with documentation and a lot of the steps are open for misinterpretation, which is dangerous.

In any case, if you have been with me for firmware, you know how I work. I have prep the firmware for Slim (or Phat since there is no difference for this firmware) and make sure you have a 8B and below date code. If you had been using 5.50 (if you had followed my blog) then you are pretty safe to go up to 6.39 with me now.

Here is the file:

Just download it and unpack it to \PSP\GAME and you are good to go. Find the Update on your XMB and run it. It will check the files and run the official update, then reboot with the patch.

Go try out some games! Oh wait, I almost had an heart attack when I did. None of the games work!!! All of them give some error about The Game Cannot be Started 800100XX. Actually I had seen this error before. I think its Shadow of Destiny... In any case, DO NOT WORRY. You did not brick your PSP. The firmware works. Just check at System if you do not believe me.

What is wrong is the UMD driver. You need to press [Select] and change it from "Normal" to M33 or SONY XXXX. Then try the games again. Yes, it works. I can see the smile on your face.

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NemesisV said...

Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-3 changelog:

– Added Reset VSH in VshMenu.
– Skipped sce Logo after exit Recovery Menu.
– Added “Make AutoBoot Battery” option in RecoveryMenu.

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