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Friday, June 17, 2011

Getting Conned at Hi-Tea Bedok Point

Yes, I face yet another bad experience again and this time, I got conned outright! For food, I usually do not complain too much. If it taste bad, I jusy wont't go back again. No biggy.

But this incident, I feel I must share. Because I do not want other customers to fall into the same trap.
Basically, this was what happened:

I was there at Bedok point after dinner at KungFu Paradise. Oh, by the way, their food was quite good and when I forgot to take my voucher, the waiter actually took it out for me. Thats what I call a A++ service. In any case, I wanted to have a cup of relaxing tea after food and I saw the promotion that you can order an additional limited side for $2 with tea at Hi-Tea.

So, I went happily ordered a pot of White Dove (Or something like this), which was stated to be $4.00 on the menu.And I added the tuna sandwich (which is suppose to be $2.) Then the waitress asked if I wanted to add a slide of cacke and my wife asked her how much and she said $2 also. Under the impression that this may had been because its late night and the cake was going off cheap, I took one slide as well.

Guess what? The bill came up to >$11 (after discount $10 with banquet card, which is beside the story).

What was wrong?
Firstly, the tea was charge under Calming Spirits instead which was $4.50. I went to ask the cashier and she said the prices on the menu is not correct, the computer price cannot be wrong. I mean WTF? You can say one price on your menu and another when you charge customer? I will call this FRAUD!

Secondly, the sandwich was charge at full price, and not the $2 promotion! That was the reason why the bill was >$10…Only the cake was charged at $2.

I really had a long day and instead of having a relaxed cup of tea, I ended up having a really bad night at Hi-Tea. I didn’t feel like arguing with your staff because I think they have no idea what they are doing and I also notice there are no other customer beside than us in the shop. Maybe there is a GOOD reason for this!!!

In case you did not believe what I said, I have the receipt here as proof. I am still considering if I should bring this to CASE because I feel cheated by the misleading promotion as well as fake menu prices. What do you think?

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