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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Bullguard Internet Security and Windows Home Server 2011

The long awaited Windows Home Server 2011 had finally gone final into RTM. I did not hesitated too long before going for the upgrade. Despite WHS2011 losing DriverExtender (which is both good and bad), there are other merits of WHS2011 to think about. Firstly, its built on Windows Server 2008 R2 which is no doubt far better in performance and security than the previous Windows Server 2003 (and not even R2). There will be more drivers support as well as easy server backup. Drive Extender is actually also a pain when it comes to recovery, but WHS2011 uses normal files system which you can copy anytime.

Despite the good, I seems to always find the bad as well. I wondered why. I am running Bullguard Internet Security which is based on BitDefender. One my first client, things actually works and WHS2011 backup successfully. However, on my subsequence deployments, they all failed. After uninstalling Bullguard, WHS2011 actually manage to connect and work, but as soon as Bullguard is installed, its block once again. Offline - According to WHS2011.

I had email Bullguard support and with a little hope and luck, we may be able to get this working.

Compare WHSv1 and WHS2011:

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NemesisV said...

It seems that this problem had already been there since "Vail":

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