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Monday, May 23, 2011

Shopping at Happy Paws Pet Kiosk

I love going to Serangoon to do my shopping at Petmarts, Happy Paws etc Oh, btw, there are actually 2 Happy Paws shop there. They are NOT related is what I was told. One of them is Pte Ltd and the other is Pet Kiosk. Actually, for this trip, I bought something from both.

Serangoon is basically a pets lover paradise because of the price and variety of pets stuff available. I was there to buy the Purefresh beddings for Keko and I ended up buying from Happy Paws Kiosk with some other stuff, totalling over $100... Well, it was cheap at least as compare to buying from neighborhood stores or from malls. However, I noticed I was over-charged this round after totalling up the stuff and I was kinda upset that it ended up more expensive.

But, that was my lucky day actually. So out of all hope to make the day any better, I thought I gave them a call and see how things can go. To my surprise, they recounted the stuff over the phone and confirmed that they had made a mistake and offer to refund us the extra charges, but as we do not live close and does not goes there too often, it was a bit hard to turn back. In the end, one of the kind staff (whom I always bought from) offer to fund transfer it to us. In less than 10 minutes, all was settled and just like that. I am impressed. Seriously, I did not expect any shop will actually give a damn, let alone give us a refund. So, I say, I am very very impressed at the service of Happy Paws Pet Kiosk for their understanding and flexibility (not entirely actually, the boss did not want to do the fund transfer and insisted we collect in person...).

Anyway, after I got home with all the stuff, Keko just give me a bluff look and went back to sleep as if nothing has happened... (Tear Drop on Head...)

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