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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Restore Milestone XY720 to Stock Firmware ROM

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you will find that you need to restore the phone to its original state. For Milestone XT720, its quite straight forward if you manage to find all the tools.

Firstly, you will need the flasher tool from Motorola. It is called RSD Lite. There is a version 4.9 from this link:
Simply install this and you will have the flasher tool and drivers ready.

You will need to hunt for the right ROM to flash to. I had seen some of these ROM around, but the hardest to find is perhaps the Singapore one, which there is a mirror here:

  1. Load the RSD Lite and extract the *.sbf from the ROM. 
  2. Shut down your phone and take out battery.
  3. Hold Power + Camera + Volume Down and place the battery in. You should get a DOs lookalike prompt now. This is the service mode.
  4. Plug phone into PC using USB Cable.
  5. Load the *.sbf file in RSDLite. Check information to see it is indeed the right ROM for you.
  6. Wait until the phone is detected, highlight it and click [Start].
  7. There are many steps, but one of them involving checksum may take a while. 
  8. When it tells you to manually power off, unplug the phone.
  9. Shut down RSD Lite.
  10. You should now have the original Stock ROM.
Hope the above helps.

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