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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Xmas Getaway Day 4

And so this was the last day of our short trip. We basically did not have a good idea where to go, and we only have that much time in the morning. So we went back to Sungei Wong and we finally saw a pet shop this time. We did not really buy anything there, but we saw something of interest... You will never guess.. Its a pair of Prairie Dogs... They are.. well... hyperactive... We did not take any photo because they shop owner probably won't like it, but here are some info and photo about Prairie Dogs:

Then we went back to the shop and bought the "Prawn Cracker King". We tried a few that other day and loved it. The normal one that is. I didn't like the Tapioca one though. So we both bought one deluxe pack of 3 x 3 pieces each and carried it all the way back.. And I also found out that although the packing looks great, it wont really last... You will still have to finish them soon.

So for the last meal here, we decided to try out the Toilet Cafe here... I had heard rumors that its real bad in Taiwan and Hong Kong, but what the heck, you have to try it to know it. And guess what, the rumors were right after all. It look cute, but the taste just won't make it.. Maybe its because when you associate it with toilet and such, you lose appetite somehow. 

Here are some photos of the food we got:

And of course, even the restaurant is designed as a toilet :

After that, I took a little bit of time to quickly buy some flashrive (which was cheaper there) and we rushed back to our hotel to finish our packup and finally bought the bus back. The bus was a double deck, but our seats end up in the lower deck. We had our usual stop and such. What we did not anticipate was that it turns out to be a holiday on the day we were coming back and there was a bad jam at the course way. To make it worse, there was this China lady which was like skipping queue (with a stupid excuse like, you all do not want to move in front, so I moved). At first, it was only her. Then I grumble to get the people to unit against her. EVIL. But social engineering was one of my better trade of skills. And when she tried to ask her group to slot in as well, everyone turns and gave her a good scolding. But the real reason I did not took it against her at first was actually because SHE IS ON THE SAME BUS as me! So you can imagine because of her, we got delayed. And more jammed. And really really late when we get back. It was ok, I did not really care because I was with Jane. With her, every second feels nice.

So we came back and took a cab home. That finally ended our 4 days short trip to KL.

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