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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I recently had seen 2 cases of hanging the POSB / DBS ATM machine. On both occasion, it was done with a NETS FlashPay CEPAS Public Transport Top-up card. That lead me to wonder if this is a SURE way to DoS the ATM.

Lets take a look at what happened. Bascially a man in front of me decide to top up his CEPAS card using the built in facility. This is a supported and legit function as you can even see the announcement here:

In both case, the man decided to take out this NETS FlashPay CEPAS-Compatible Card and place it next to the contactless reader (Ermm, why do people have to press it so hard onto the contact, when its suppose to be contactless???). This is how the FlashPay card looks like:

And the next thing that happened really pissed me off. The whole ATM just froze there. (Remember, I am next in the line!!!) I can only give that guy a WTF look while he start taking out his phone to call the IBM guys to come fix it because he is not sure if the transaction is done, but either way, his ATM card is stucked inside.

OK, the strange thing was that NETS claim that you can actually top-up their FlashPay card at ANY DBS ATM. Apparantly, I had seen it DoS on me twice...

Have you seen something like this happening?

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