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Sunday, March 20, 2011

ATI Catalyst Application Profiles

If you think you don't need it, you could be wrong. The Catalyst Application Profiles are NOT just for crossfire or Eyefinity. As long as you are using the ATI Catalyst Drivers, you will be able to leverage on the application profile to optimize your game play. Here is a link to the original Application Profiles:

And yes, you will realized its actually faster and newer than the AMD / ATI site.

For a understand of the Application Profiles, here is a good FAQ:

Enjoy you ATI Card!


Anonymous said...

The link in this article has some miss information. In this discussion it states that the old app. profiles are included in the newest driver. This is not true as of the 10.2 driver.The application profiles must be installed separately. This I have confirmed with AMD support. When you link to old threads you help spread miss information and confusion. This will also be confirmed in the new ATI CCC where you can tweak the profiles or make your own. I am currently using the 12.01 preview driver (from needs the profile installed in order to make changes.

Winston Avalon said...

That information was correct at the point of writing, but maybe as of today AMD had integrated the latest CAP into their webpage. In the past, AMD's CAP is slower than Rage3D's and that was the reason why I pointed out that if you need a profile to match the latest game, you can try getting it from Rage3D instead.

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