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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Xmas Getaway Day 3

Day 3 started at the same time (due to breakfast) but I am sure I could have slept a bit longer. So we spend the morning packing and wasting some time watching TV etc. It is near lunch that we decide to set off to Times Square. Time Square is as last year, decorated with the snow houses for Christmas. Here are some of the photos I took:

There is a indoor theme park with a indoor rollercoaster which I had seen for many many times over the year, so it was not such a "wow" for me. There are lots of food there too. I remembered I had a Thai buffet the last time I came with my guys from EY, but I will definitely give it a skip because I think I prefer something lighter for my stomach on that day. There is Wendy too, which I had skipped last year and I skipped it again this year because I did not find something I really love there. We had Secret Recipe last year too and the service really sucks, so no way I am going back... While wondering around looking at fake bags, fake watches and stuff, we finally ended up in a unlikely place. Its a Hong Kong Restaurant called Uncle Duck (得哥火锅餐厅).

Now, normally you will order the most famous stuff, which Jane did, was the Duck Rice. I, instead, went for the Beef Western. Well, I did regret. Of the 2 pieces of beef I got, one of them was in fact over cooked and it was so hard I couldn't cut or swallow it. Damn, I thought I will never come back again. On the other hand, Jane's duck rice was suppose to be very good.

After a lousy lunch (for me), we went to check out what was on the theater and we ended up buying 2 tickets to Tron : The Legacy in 3D. Well, at least 3D is consider expensive to the local folks considering its RM15 where as normal is RM10, and pirated DVD is RM4. Do the maths. But the normal is filling up fast, so I thought: what the hell, I just went for the 3D. Tron is a good show. It does brings back the memory and feelings of the 80/90s. The soundtrack was really really good too. Well, I can't say the 3D is something very different, as it was just like any other 3D movie out there. But at least we had a great time.

And after some more looking around (without much buying though), we end up at dinner time. Its again time to decide what to eat. We had reserve a seat for the shuttle bus to Chinatown for tonight, but thats going to be at 9pm which is so late for dinner. So after some wondering, we end up at Uncle Duck again. This time I ordered the duck rice. And yes, it was really really good. In fact, after this meal, I did not had duck rice anywhere else for a long long time. Here are some photos of it, but I doubt I could express the taste with the photos:

After a good dinner, we return to the hotel. I did some shopping (for other people) at the shop selling pearls which was honestly pretty cheap. Before I know it, I am on my way to Chinatown again. This time, we did not need ot buy any more stuff from Watson or Guardien, we just walk around, enjoy looking at the cheapo imitations bags and stuff. Along the way, we sat down on a beef noodle store. I overheard a funny conversation from a lady (probably from Singapore) asking how many grams are the beefs for some cost and the store keeper can only answer, that she roughly just take. Pay more, take more. Its really funny because at Chinatown, things just doesnt't run the way it is as if in the city (Although Chinatown is right in the middle of the city). Anyway, we each had a good bowl of beef noodles there seated at the old wooden chair by the roadside. 

We hang around until the shops starts to close and we realized its also time for us to return to get our ride back. I notice this truck selling really big buns the last few times we came, but never tried it. So this time I decided to have it a go. The bun is huge and named after Amy Yip (叶子媚) and it is really huge as you can see here:

Thats how big it was as compared to a 50 cents and a HTC Snap Handphone. Took us a while to finish it. 

When we returned to the hotel, we found a nice candy man in our room with courtesy of the hotel. It was kinda cute.

After some washing up and we took our time to watch some TV, it's time to sleep and get ready for the last day of our trip...

(To Be Continued)

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