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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Xmas Getaway Day 2

So it was rise and shine the next day and what other best way to start the day then a early breakfast? The breakfast was also provided by Swiss Garden and luckily there were some variety instead whats being left over from last night's dinner. Basically we were too tired to go crazy on Silent Night and we seemed to had missed quite a bit of fun here. So after a nice and quiet breakfast, we headed out for KLCC.

We took the subway there and I notice Avira Antivrus is actually quite aggressive in their promotion in KL. Here is photo of one of the ads in the train where the whole train is basically Avira's ads:

Notice how the ads is targeted at multi racial community.

Another strange thing we realized was this sign:

Wow, it must be really bad that they had to setup a sign for it. I paid double attention to my belongings while I was taking this photo. The joke will be on me if I get mugged while taking this photo. :)

One of the place we always loved at KLCC is, well the Kinokuniya book store. In the last trip I actually bought too much magazine, so I controlled myself this time and only buy what I can carry comfortably. There were a lot of good Japanese stuff here too, but I seriously could not buy all of them back. J bought a Magazine which gives free Sanrio product inside. I think this is the trend in Japan. People usually do not buy the magazine, they just want the "free" gift inside. It was also too bad that my Digital Camera magazine did not realized the new issue in time and I already bought the current issue before I started the trip.

There were the Christmas tree display at the central area as usual. Here are a few of my shots:

I wish I could put up more, but that will make the blog load too slowly.

We also checked out the movie theater just before lunch. Since we did not ended up with a good time for any movies, we decided to pass and go straight for lunch at Sushi King. Sushi King is very much just a store inside the good court now, but its is still tasty. Now I am not saying it is good sushi because the sushi does fall apart etc. In terms of true to Japanese style, it fails miserably. But it is still cheap and tasty. The sushi is nice to eat. Come on, what the most important thing about food? The taste. And this, Sushi King still has it. There were a promotion which allow us to claim 2 more plates of sushi for free on the next trip, but obviously we will not eat Sushi King AGAIN in the next 2 days. I thought of passing the receipt to someone else so that they can enjoy it, but the receipt does contain something which I find sensitive, related to the credit cards, so I skipped it.

We tried to take a cab back to the hotel and as usual, it was hell. The cab outside did not want to run meter and the cab inside who wanted to run meter, but you have to pay RM2 to take those cab. Its a lose, lose situation. But at least the metered cab seems newer and you do not need to queue. So it was marginally cheaper and we managed to get back to the hotel to rest and put down our stuff. We did not waste too much time before we decided that we should go for Sungei Wang as well on the same day.

Sungei Wang was the place for shopping for IT stuff, but actually the Low Yat Plaza besides it was even more so. It was separated nicely into levels which sells cameras, notebooks etc. I wish I had more time to spend here, but I had to move on and I do not have something really in mind to buy. Sungei Wang was the place to stop for dinner and after walking for a long long time, we finally kinda narrowed down to the Malaysia (Ben Zheng) Wantan Noodle or the Toilet Theme Cafe next to it. Judging from price, I went for the Wantan Noodle and it was damn good. The even had FREE Wifi. BTW, I do not know its the the same vendor that setup the Wifi in the whole KL, but everyone uses a1b2c3d4e5f6 for their WEP password. Fantastic! The noodle was nice, but they kinda run out of Char Siew (roasted pig). I guess its ok.

We swing by Lot 10 and the other shopping malls on the way back and we spot Parkson was having a display for Sanrio characters in their windows. We took some shots of it.

I admit I was playing with the lightings in these shot. Only a few of them had the correct lighting actually :)

We took a short trip back to the hotel and took some shots along the way. One place we actualyl saw a 3D (As in a real cube) TV. It has 4 faces. The Christmas lighting was ok, nothing I had not seen before. Its still pretty crowded for Xmas day.

Notice on the last photo that law enforcement did not have a break even on Xmas day. Well, I guess thanks to them, we had a peaceful Xmas.

Although we had a heavy dinner, Jane ordered hotel room service at night anyway. But I was too dead tired and I missed all of it. Jane took some photo of it though.

Anyway, that concludes our Day 2...

(To Be Continued)
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