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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Xmas Getaway Day 1

This post had been delayed and delayed, so I decided that I should finished it once and for all. That's the trouble with not having a laptop or mobile device to document the events on the spot...

Anyway, it as 23 Dec 2010. Xmas Eve. We choose Xmas Eve because that's Silent Night after all. There was a small hiccups because I made a mistake when I booked the tickets regarding the time in AM and PM. The original ticket was for the night bus. Fortunately, it was found out early and we managed to fix it with a little additional money. But the boarding location had been changed and so we had to really rush. We were right on time and managed to clear everything night and easy. Ok, except the overhead bridge. Damn it is really challenging to carry the luggage over one.

The bus trip was straight forward and we had the usual lousy TV with the pirated movie. It was showing Apocalytica I think. In any case, it would had been a bad movie even if it was on Bluray. We stopped at the usual bus rest place and we tried to cut down buying anything there because we know how much cheaper it will be when we go to ChinaTown later. But I also remember the lesson that we didn't have food and were damn hungry last year, so I bought something to munch on just in case. Fortunately this year, we did not have to go through that.

After we changed our tickets, we should be stopping at the Palace of the Golden Horses. However, the bus actually went all the way in to KL and made a stop nearby our hotel. I thought that was the perfect time to get off. It saved us some time and money to get back into the city from the Palace. But once again I had missed the chance to go to the Palace because I had always wanted to. Since the days of its glory, until its decadents today.

We arrived at our Hotel and were told that our room will not be read yet, so we had to drop our luggage and grab some food instead. We went to a vegetarian store across the road last year and it was good. I wondered if it will still be there. Surely, when we approached it, we notice the same old stores and owners. I am almost happy in a way. Miss the cheap and good food. We ordered something simple and good. Fried Rice and Ice Milo.

It was really cheap and I can't help myself telling the shop owner that we actually came back from Singapore all the way just to taste his food. He told us he also serve night dishes for dinner. I thought I might drop by one night to try it out, but alas, I did not manage to find a dinner slot this trip.

After lunch, we passed by the 7-11 like store which was there last year too. I bought some basic stuff such as the shaver (which was a mistake since I actually brought my electric shaver and I forgot) and herbal tea. The herbal tea was something rather unique which we dun see around much. The herbal tea are actually small packets of actual herbs which you can put with hot water and drink. No fake stuff. All real ingredients. Here is a photo of it:
Because of this, we had a great time eating all the hot stuff and did not suffer any heatiness this trip. 

We went back to the hotel and we were still unable to check in. Well, I am really going to give a Negative for Swiss Garden this time. They offered us a welcome drink, which was essentially a small glass of orange juice. We finished it and start looking around in the lobby. I noticed that the cake shop was still around. We did not managed to buy any cake last time, maybe we would this time. But unfortunately, we missed all the timing for the discount cakes for the next 3 days. But here is one which I thought looked a little bit like Angry Bird, the Red color one anyway...

Anyway, our room eventually was ready and we went up for a rest, unpack and plan. Of course, before we forgotten, we booked the free shuttle to China town for the night as well. 

Now, that was Silent Night. And of course, who would miss a Xmas Party / Dinner. Strangely when I arrived, I found that there were already reservation for the both of us. I thought that was rather strange. And it turns out that it was actually a mistake which the staff made. It was made by someone else, but its not like its free either. We were one of the first to reach (because we wanted to go to ChinaTown) and we were surprised by the stuff on the table.

There were party hats and other fun stuff in the boxes. We were almost glad we "made" the reservation (which of course we din't). Anyway, we started to dig in. Now Swiss Garden is really famous for their pasties. There were so many of them at the buffet. Here are some of them:

And of course, how can we miss out the Turkey!

We had a fun and full meal and we proceed to ChinaTown to basically buy some cheap stuff, enjoy the view and made a short trip to the book store (and bought nothing). We were dead tired by the time all that is over because we had a long day getting there... So it was a good and sound sleep on the first night.

(To be Continued...)

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