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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Why AVG Internet Security 2011 is so strong

I suddenly realized AVG IS 2011 had been detecting quite a fair bit of the malware accurately recently... Little did I know why, until I had a look at:

It turns out that AVG IS 2011 is actually leveraging on the cloud to perform the scanning. No wonder it had been improved greatly. So the question remain is : Is Cloud Scanning the way to go?

In a not so long ago conference, I got a presentation from representatives of Symantec to present on their Cloud technology which is essentially based on ranking more or less. Was it really effective? I did not test it out because to me, Norton class of AV is basically bloated-ware and the Symantec Class is too expensive to even try (ya, I recall you need to pay for the 90 day trial as well, which is crap). More on Symantec:

So you think more and more of the AV should move to the cloud?

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