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Friday, February 04, 2011

Malware Stats Screensaver

I am going to introduce 2 pretty cool screensavers you can install to display updated stats of malware around the global.These are NOT AV scanners and does not provide any form of protection. It just act as a stats board and make your dull boring corp PC looks cool.

The first is from Kaspersky. It is call Irida. There is not much information on it, except than being linked from a blog post:

The look and feel is fantastic, but I find it just very confusing as well, like in a SyFy movie. However, it look damn cool.
You can download it via:

Next, there is one from Symantec. Full details here:

This provide a rather more static view. Less 3D but more scrolling text. However, I find the purple a bit gay, so I went for the Kaspersky one instead.

You can download the PC version from:
and the Mac version from:

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