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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DBS MasterCard SecureCode 3DS sucks!

Why do I say so? It is supposed to be safer and more secure. Yes, that is provided the information is correct in the first place!

What actually happened was I did my shopping happily keying in all the information and ready to pay. Then I was told that 3DS is required to completed the purchase for security reason. Sure, why not. Then I come to a page to enter my OTP (via handphone)... which I waited and waited... It NEVER came. Why?

I took a look at the phone (ends with XXXX) on the page... WTF? The phone number is WRONG! By 1 digit anyway. I thought it was my bad, I probably entered the wrong number into their banking webpage. I went to the internet banking immediately and guess what did I saw. The number was CORRECT on the banking site. And I do recall now that I actually was using the OTP on the banking site as well. WORKING.

So could someone tell me WTF was going on and how my number can be wrong on the 3DS site? One immediate idea stuck me. Keyboard Monkeys. They probably did not transfer the information digitally over to the 3DS system. Instead, they hired cheap labor in the form of Keyboard Monkeys to re-key in all the mobile numbers. That would explain how a typo like this can happen.

Man, and I thought we are going to conquer space someday. Well, not if bank still decides to do things the analogue way instead of going digital. But then again, at least they could have implemented checks to ensure correctness. Which they did not. So here we have it. The National Bank of Singapore. Would you trust your fortune with them. For all you know, they could miss one 1 zero in your savings someday. (Or they had already did...?)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog while googling "dbs mastercard securecode". Sighs I think I have the same problem as you do! Have you managed to resolve it?

NemesisV said...

Call and complain and complain until they go track down where they make the mistake and correct it. But rest assure they will fire nobody. Simply because they don't care.

In some other MMC, this type of mistake can easily get the employee fired!

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