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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

THC Hydra 6.0 Released

CHANGELOG for 6.0 (development and new features)

  • Added GPL exception clause to license to allow linking to OpenSSL - debian people need this
  • IPv6 support finally added. Note: sip and socks5 modules do not support IPv6 yet
  • Bugfix for SIP module, thanks to yori(at)counterhackchallenges(dot)com
  • Compile fixes for systems without OpenSSL or old OpenSSL installations
  • Eliminated compile time warnings
  • xhydra updates to support the new features (david@)
  • Added CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5 auth mechanism to the smtp-auth module (david@)
  • Added LOGIN, PLAIN, CRAM-(MD5,SHA1,SHA256) and DIGEST-MD5 auth mechanisms to the imap and pop3 modules (david@)
  • Added APOP auth to POP3 module (david@)
  • Added NTLM and DIGEST-MD5 to http-auth module and DIGEST-MD5 to http-proxy module (david@)
  • Fixed VNC module for None and VLC auth (david@)
  • Fixes for LDAP module (david@)
  • Bugfix Telnet module linemode option negotiation using win7 (david@)
  • Bugfix SSH module when max auth connection is reached (david@)

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