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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Uninstall Apple Crapware

At some point of time, I must be mad to install that Apple iTunes which is 300MB... Then I decided to remove it. And the crap it left haunts me till today. Every so and then, Apply Software Update still pops up, trying to connect to the Internet which my firewall had blocked. Why is there still Apple Update when Quicktime, iTunes and all other crap from Apple had been removed? Are they sending some information to Apple or downloading some adware to my PC. Its up to your imagination. To me, it is a total nuisance.

It does not pops up all the time shows that it is a scheduled task. Opening Scheduler will reveal a whole tab for Apple. Well, its simple enough to disable it here. But for my case, I want it out and clean from my PC. So, you should go look at the Program Features and locate the 2 Apple crapware. Use the search with "Apple" and you will find it. One of them is the Apple Software Update obviously and other Apple Support . Both should go to trash immediate (without passing recycled bin or collecting $100). 

Some more unfortunate people I heard had problem removing them because the uninstallation of Apple iTunes or Quicktime had screwed up and left the installation in a unclean state. In that case, we can always try Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup at:

You should double check on your Scheduler to see if the Apple task had been removed. 

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