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Friday, December 03, 2010

One Night In Tampines

Yesterday, I went to Tampines, which I had not been to for quite a while. There were many changes that I did not know...

Firstly, my favorite beef noodle is not cooked by different aunties. I used to be able to get lots of beanstalk in an extra bowl of soup, but obviously the aunties cooking now are different and it is just the normal stuff. Not that it is not nice or anything, just nothing special. I did not try the prata there which I used to because I was quite full after the beef noodle and there were lots of people queuing for the prata. It looks like they made it big now.

I knew that Popeye Chicken is there in Century Square, but now even Texas Chicken had opened in Tampines Mall. This is something new to me. Looks like there is going to be competition. OF course, along the way, I had to get through a crowd with the 3 Pokemon stuff life size mascot. There were cute, but I did not have a camera to capture that moment. I took a quick visit to the Pet Lover Center in the basement and it had grow larger in space or at least they organize stocks in a much better way. I enjoyed my short stay, but did not buy anything because I could not find a suitable bath sand for Onee. However, I did saw quite some pudding for sale now. Looks like there are a big quantity of them now. I wonder if it would be the same in PetStation.

I tried to go to Old Chang Kee to see if they have my favorite Yam K8 snack, but if had already been sold out by the time I got there. I remember I need some of those microwave container and I managed to find them at Cold Storage. However, I guess I was unlucky to be on a queue with a trainee cashier. There were problem with a previous customer as there is no barcode and price. Then she had problem sweeping my card. Well, lesson learn, you cannot sweep it too fast. In any case, I finally got my stuff and made quite a few enemes behind me.

I proceed to PetStation in Tampines One and sure enough, quite some pudding and winter white. They were cute of course. I took a quick look as time was critical and managed to buy the Delikate Snow White Sand. I can't wait to give some to Onee this weekend. Also, I pick up a packet of Delikate snack since I do not see them often outside. I hope he love it since I had not given him soft and sweet snack for a while.

On my way back, I saw TS playing Detective Dee and the Mysterious Flame in Cantonese... Oh man, I wished I had waited. But it is a great show. I went to the "hidden" food court there and pick up a pack of prawn noodle to pack back home. Of course, my sister took some of it. Poor thing to have wisdom tooth extraction. I already went through that luckily.

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