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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Alternative Route of Getting Home

Ya, for a while, maybe I should stop blogging tech. Anyway, I used what I learned from a recent class and ask myself some questions about how I used to get home. Actually I had tried pretty much all possible routes. OK, wrong assumption again, its more like pretty lots of routes.

Here are some of them:
1. Take company bus (Additional $0.80) to HarbourFront. The bus is fast as it is direct, non-stop. But it starts to jam at Pasir Panjang sometimes and by the time I reach HF MRT, its already 30 minutes gone. Then I have to take MRT to Outram Park and change another MRT to Bedok.
2. Same as above, but instead of company bus, take a public transport. But I will have to walk down a long flight of stairs and it is not the greatest idea in the thunderstorm as there are huge tall tree along this area. On the plus side, I save a bit on $$ because of the rebates.
3. Same as aboves, but instead of changing MRT at Outram, I change at Dohby Ghaut to Circle Line and change again at Paya Lebar to Bedok. I will probably get to sit a bit on this because Dohby Ghaut is the first stop on Circle Line. The down side is a lot of changing of train and of course a lot of waiting for train.
4. Another way is by bus only. I can try to take 30e Express which is about 20 minutes each. It takes about 55 minutes to reach Bedok. That is provided it doesn't get stuck in a jam on ECP. Which usually does if I am late.
5. Another yet even more stupid method is to take the normal 30 bus. Being non-express means more stop, the driver will drive slower etc. Take a long time to reach home. Only good point, I get to sleep all the way. If lucky, I can catch another 1.5 hrs of sleep. But do you really want to sleep on the bus, especially after work?
6. There are other routes to go further west, for example to Bukit Batok and then the super fast 506 Express... The cost and time is probably not worth it.'

I did not tried one of the methods which involve taking bus 200 to Buona Vista MRT. Well, that totally slip my mind and I always thought since Buona Vista is 5 stop further west than Outram Park, it will never be possible to be faster. I was wrong. And I question myself : why not? So I tried. And bus 200 is a super long wait if you missed it, but if you do catch it, the whole journey from 300 at LPxx (LampPost?) to my front door takes only about 1 hour.

Yes, that is amazing and all it takes was to ask myself : Why not? Just because I took a bus to a stop further West, does not mean I would reach my place later in the East. The secret is because of the jam. Taking 200 avoids all that and it is just a few stops to Buona Vista. Further more, I will no longer need to even change any train once I get on to Buona Vista. That save times. Both walking and waiting.

So, moral of the story. Ask youself : Why NOT? And try it. Hopefully you will find a better solution than me.

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