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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BackTrack 4 R2 is released

BackTrack 4 R2 had been out for a week. I heard good news and great review of it. For those who do not know what BackTrack is, basically its THE distro to load when you are doing hacking, penetration test etc using Linux tools such as Metasploit etc.

Its 2GB in size for both favors of ISO or VMWare. VMWare had some shortcoming in Wifi testing obviously...

Grab it:

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NemesisV said...

Kernel – *Much* improved mac80211 stack.
USB 3.0 support.
New wireless cards supported.
All wireless Injection patches applied, maximum support for wireless attacks.
Even *faster* desktop environment.
Revamped Fluxbox environment for the KDE challenged.
Metasploit rebuilt from scratch, MySQL db_drivers working out of the box.
Updated old packages, added new ones, and removed obsolete ones.
New BackTrack Wiki with better documentation and support.
Our most professional, tested and streamlined release ever.

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