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Monday, October 18, 2010

PS3 JAilbreak won't last unless 3.50 is broken

We all know that PS3 had been jailbroken, giving it access to run 3rd party applications and, of course, bootleg games. However, Sony had now mandated that all games release after 1 Oct 2010 to only use firmware above 3.50. What this means is that if you stick to the 3.41 JB firmware, you simply can't play all the new games.

The way I see it, 3.50 may patch the bug, but hackers can probably work towards restoring the bug back into a custom 3.50 firmware. Something along the Wii Trucha Bug restorer. We all know that the 3.50 firmware can be download and there is already a firmware uploader, although there is no custom firmware. What is required to break the PS3 is a custom firmware. I can only wish there are people like DA working on the PS3.

And lastly, even though if JB is to work, I seriously do not see piracy as a big issue. Imagine downloading 50GB for 1 game. I wont mind spending the $80 to buy it, finish it within a week, then sell if off at $60. The size for a Bluray game simply does not meet the quota for PS3 games to be pirated widely. Moreover, just imagine the face on the downloader if the 50GB actually did not work. I am sure Sony will LTFOL.

But I do support the JB. Simply because it opens up the full potential of the PS3. Imagine applications like Instant Messagers, BT Clients, EBooks Readers or even sims like Hobo. All these CAN be possible only if PS3 is jailbroken because nobody will buy and I don't think Sony will license such applications.

All I can see, go for it. Break 3.50 and make my day.

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