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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Firefox and Thunderbird Update

There is yet another update from Firefox and Thunderbird silently being released. I did not get a update prompt on both the applications. That bring their versions up to :

  • Thunderbird 3.1.5
  • Firefox 3.6.11
Honestly, I had lost faith in these applications. I had already made decision to ban them from my home network because of security issues. It is just not sustainable to keep manually updating them and the windows between release and actual updating can be quite large because now I do not even get a proper prompt to update. The only worries will be having Firefox on the server... That is a real issue because I do not think people will wake up middle of the night to upgrade your server... So that gives at least 12 hours or so. 

Why can't Firefox just do a force upgrade like Chrome?

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