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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Skyfire 1.x Sucks, but so does 2.x

Skyfire is a browser. See the site above, there is 2 things to note. Officially,

  1. Skyfire 1.x does not run on other regions except north USA and western Europe, which about leaves the whole world out...
  2. Skyfire 2.x is only for Android.
This almost sound like a conspiracy. Suppose Google sponsored this and wants to force everyone into using Android, this certainly fits the bill. While Skyfire has its glorious days, I think with this move, it will begin its path into the history just like Netscape... By forcing people into a certain OS is definitely the way to do this. That leaves out the Symbian, windows mobile and AppleOS users, which I dare say takes the majority of the market.

Anyway, I was at first keen to look out for a way to hack out of this using 1.x on my wm6.5, but why not just let it go... After all, there are plenty of choices for the wm6.5 users from IE, Opera to the infamous porn browsers. Skyfire is a good to have, but not dying to have. 

And why doesn't Skyfire support area such as china, japan or eastern Europe? It sound like a lazy way to say "Sorry, English only". If they leave these region out, they can heck away with the language support. This does sound logical?

BTW, if you are on Android, do you really want to use Skyfire? 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think there's no added value to SkyFire when compared with other browsers for Android (actually, it sucks IMHO). And I bet Google doesn't care about the crap either.

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