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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Windows XP SP2 End of Life on 13th July 2010

It had been a long 6 years and XP SP2 can be said as one of the longest lasting OS from Microsoft. But still even today, many will still clinge on to SP2. What actually happens when Microsoft says it is end of life for support?


Basically, you will not get patches anymore from Microsoft that support Windows XP SP2 32 Bits specificly as well as its other component including media player, IE, Outlook Express etc. Wait, you will notice that I mention 32 Bits, that is because 64 bits is still support as there is no such thing as SP3 for 64 Bits.

Some people may decide to hang on for whatever reasons, claiming that if they drop IE and uses Firefox, Outlook Express for Thunderbird and WMP for VLC, they will still continue to get updates. True. But do not forget that some components are still presents, especially those of IE, which arguablely is part of the OS.

Why not simply live a better life and have some peaceful sleep by upgrading to Windows XP SP3? Or even better to Windows 7? Let me know the reason if you happen to be one of those who still need to hang on with XP SP2...

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