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Sunday, July 11, 2010

ALZIP 8 and its time to say good bye to another junkware

While ALZip looks cute, there is absolutely nothing that freeware like &-zip cannot do except the special ALZ format, which is in no way faster ot compress better as compare to other formats. The other possible reason you may want to use this may be the cute icons.

So, it finally upgraded to v8.0 and suddenly my license is no longer valid. Naturally I will not pay another $30 for this crap since 7-zip (which is free) does all the same and I had actually never encounter another ALZ files since then.

So, it time to say goodbye and uninstall another piece of software which is basically wasting space and slowing down my PC in the right click context menu. Moreover, it did not really work well,. Often I get files extracted to the wrong places and all over the places actually when there are nested directories. Well, but thats my opinion, you can still give it a shot and buy it if you like.

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