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Friday, April 09, 2010

Getting the code for the HTC Accuweather Control on Windows Mobile 6.x

After the ROM upgrade, I realized that the localization of the weather is gone and I have to set a new code to receive weather for my region. After some tough luck asking and searching, I found many wrong direction (outdated perhaps). But here is the current solution that works.

Go to:

Enter your country and search for it. After you find some entries, copy the shortcut of the link.
For example, I search Singapore, and it gives the following link:|SG|SN---|SINGAPORE

What you are interested is the loccode in RED above. If you just close this windows and think you got it, sorry, you will be wrong. The code somehow does not work. That's because you need to add a "|" at the end of the code. So the correct code should be:


In any case, good luck looking for your code. You may want to share some code with other in the comments here.

1 comment:

Faris said...

Thanks. Need this for my iPhone widget...

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