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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Xmas Getaway 09 Epilode - A really dishonest Singapore bus service - Alisan (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore

This is related to my bus trip which I mentioned in:

Basically we had some issue with delayed bus in KL and was told to go for a coffee and make the claim when we are back in Singapore. So we did and this was what follows.

I called up the bus company a few days later and the staff told me that the boss's mom or mom-in-law (I cant quite remember, but right now I preferred mom if given a choice) has passed away and hte boss is at the funeral in Malaysia. I thought its a bad things to really push people when they are grieving and I said I will call back in a few days. I updated the otehr group making the claim too.

A few days later, I made the call again. Guess what? One of their staff (a guy this time) totally denied it. He said that their staff will never do such a thing suggesting peopel to go drink coffee and make claims. And he did that almost immediately without even checking which staff was on the call on Xmas day. It was as if he was prepared and isused to handling this day in day out. I wondered how many more people are affected. I tried to reason with him and say it is after all their staff who make the suggestion. I would have nothing to make up a story like this. By this time, I am pretty mad. Originally I never really thought I wanted to make the claim. RM20 is like a trip to Starbuck and it is nothing to me. But this is a matter of principle and I am no liar. So I told him I will be back. I contacted the other group and he suggest we make a trip to CASE to see what we can do.

I did my homework and found out that CASE actualyl is not very helpful (unless you are a member for $25 / year). So I guess it doesn't make sense in this case. How about sueing? I guess it is possible, but then the only thing I have was a phone call and I have no recording whatsoever that their staff told me to make the claim. So I figured I do not have much to go actually.

But that doesn't mean I have to take it silently and let others continue to suffer the same scam. Alisan is basically very dishonest and they seems to be doing this very regularly and then making deny which they know we can't do much about it. The bus services was very late (for about 3 hours) and I get nothing like even an apology. All they said was its bus, schedule cannot be helped. WTF? The bus might as well be late for a week then? And to my knowledge, no other bus company was late that day. So just WTF happened to them? Was there really a big jam or was it some excuse they made up? I can go on and on, but its just the very unsatisief and angry me. I want you to read this in the most neutral way possible and judge for yourself.

Now, you know why I wished it was the boss's mom now. I guess there is divine retribution. Not many people get to die on Xmas day and if they do, it has to be karma. For the sins and lies of their children, they have to pay the price dying like this. I guess this makes my feel a little bit better. Its just unfortunately its over that I cannot send my congratulation to the family of the boss of Alisan.
We want to travel with such a company, be my guest. I just pray you do not get involved in one of their divine retribution!

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