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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Xmas Getaway 09 Day 5 - KL to Home (on a very bad bus service - Alisan)

This is the last day of our vacation and we basically were a bit sad it had to end so fast. After another breakfast at Swiss Garden which was exactly the same as the day before, we spend the rest of the time looking at the small pool and deciding if we wanted to go. In the end, we decide we rather just relax and watch TV. So that's how we spend our morning packing and relaxing until its 12pm where we need to check out. Our bus we scheduled at 2:30pm at Renaissance Hotel KL. So we took a taxi there. We got a real bad price at first, but in the end we still got the same price from another taxi driver.

However, the taxi driver was not sure of the hotel and drove us to the wrong place at first. We insist that it was another hotel and he drove us there in the end. I would had paid him more for the extra effort actually, but he was very frustrated and was driving quite dangerously throughout the journey. So in order not the encourage this type of driving attitude, I just let it pass and kept my changes.

The hotel was beautiful and we kinda love it. Of course I did not mentioned to Jane that we could had stayed here actually. We tried to grab lunch here and the only thing available was the almost RM100 christmas buffet. In any case, I thought we jus tgot for it since normal food already cost half that price. The buffet was fantastic and we took our time to eat and relax because we had our luggage locked at the hotel and we wanted to let the time pass.

At 2:15pm we started waiting for our bus. However, it was until 2:45pm that I called and noted that it was delayed. The bus was stucked in the morning at the 2nd Link and was late so it will take time for it to pick us up on the way back. After another hour, they girl from Alisan (the bus company) called again and say that the bus is likely to be delayed for another hour. I am actually not quite happy by then, but she added that we can go for a cup of coffee or something and claim it from the company when we get back. I am sceptical, but I took Jane to the hotel cafe and had something. It was good hot chocolate, but kinda costly at RM9 each. So that adds up to about RM20 all in all. Actually I am not really expecting to claim it back from Alisan.

A little bit of background about how I ended up buying the ticket from Alisan Bus. I actually booked the tickets ahead while I was still in Singapore via and there were not much good choices left. So I ended up with Alisan one which is not at Swiss Garden, but at Renaissance Hotel. Maybe I should avoid this website as well in the future.

The bus did arrived. It was not even the standard Alisan bus, but a bus from KKKL. There were a few ladies dropping off the bus but they insisted that they also booked via easibook and the bus was suppose to bring them to another hotel and not here. The bus driver just ignored them. I feel sorry for them and advise them maybe that they can call Alisan and check if they can take a cab to claim the fare instead. I really did hope they got their case settled. As you can imagine, either Easibook is totally screwed up in bring people around or Alisan is a really bad company that doesn't care where you book, but they just drop you where they prefer instead. OR more likely BOTH.

We boarded the bus and all went normal. We had a stop yet at another eating place where we had something because I already learned the lesson that we can end up in really bad jam etc and getting hungry in those cases is a really bad choice. I did not buy much at this rest stop because most things are expensive and old. I only added a packets of raw prawn crackers for my mum ( and indirectly myself :) ). The rest of the way was a simple bus ride with lousy screener like Ninja Assassin and 2012...

When we finally arrived back in Singapore at Golden Mile complex. I thought of going straight home, but since I am here, I might as well make the claim. So I did. And so did the other group of passenger who was actually driven to the wrong hotel as well and was also told to claim the coffee. Guess what? The clerk say she doesn't know of anything and the boss is not in. So we left each other's contact and photocopied the receipts for claims.

I send Jane on a taxi back and I hopped on to the next. It was way past 12am by the time all was ended today.

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