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Monday, February 15, 2010

Xmas Getaway 09 Day 4 - Aquaria and KLCC

We started the second day in KL early. There is breakfast included with our room and we had a fantastic meal at the international buffet in Swiss Garden. I decided to take Jane on the LRT since its something cheap and we can reach the KLCC Aquara directly. We only needed a few stop and a short walk, so we were at KLCC quit early. There are signs of fatigue and illness then which I had ignore and only took more painkiller.

It took us a while to find Aquaria as it is connected but not actually KLCC itself. This is one of the attraction I did not visited in KL. So this is one place I guess I wished to go. The Aquaria is somewhat like a aquarium. There is the standard conveyor belt walkway that goes into the tank, but it is far from spectacular. I must say I am disappointed. Who wouldn't after visiting Sydney's Aquarium? The fishes are ok, but hardly enough to satisfy me. Although they had other attraction to add in such as the insect and reptiles exhibits, which is in a way the insectarium as well, but I find it out of place for fishes and insect to be together. All in all, I guess its not much cheaper to Singapore's Underworld World either. In short, its a one-off thing.

There is a booth inside which encourage people to stop eating shark and petition etc. I find that interesting although I did not commit on eating shark fin though. I avoid, but I find myself half to say no especially when there is so many weddings etc. I guess I needed more determination for this. Jane wanted to make a hand mould of our hands there, but it was costly. I also do not think it is a great idea to carry that back since it may break because it is make of wax. Fortunately in the end, we did not make that. Instead I got her a soft toy by Russ of a sea seal of the Yomiki series. Here is a photo of what it looked like:

Next, we did some shopping at KLCC and this place is full of Xmas spirit then. There were lots of display and Xmas music going on. Jane visited her favorite brands and confirmed that things are pretty expensive in Malaysia, at least the branded stuff. As my headache and illness is starting to get worse, we had a simple lunch at Sushi King (which is now inside the food court) and headed back to hotel. We had a little more shopping at Kinokuniya bookstore where I bought the remaining magazines I wanted. It was then about 5pm. We hunted around for a taxi stand and did not really find one. We headed to a nearby hotel (I cannot remember which was it) and tried there instead. We had no luck either, so in the end we took their recommendation and took the hotel exclusive taxi which was metered. The metering system was a bit confusing as there is an amount on the top, followed by distance travelled and extra charge I think. I took a glance at the meter and my heart was pounding hard all the way while the taxi was stuck in the jam. It was a relief in the end it was just a little more expensive because I mistaken that distance travelled to be additional charges. But the taxi driver was friendly and everything, so in the end I can say I did not regret taking this taxi which was comfortable by the way, unlike the rest.

We basically spend the rest of the time in hotel relax and rest. I had a short sleep and felt much better (and hungrier) soon. We had to head out for food in the evening at around 7pm. Based on the map, we took our chances and walked to Time Square, where we had Secret Recipe for dinner. It was only then I realize Malaysia is where Secret Recipe started. The food was good, but unfortunately the staff were very junior and did not serve very well. I guess we can say that its a 8 for food and 2 for service type of experience. I took the chance to show Jane the indoor roller coaster which I will never get on. We also bought some magazine and books at Borders before leaving at 9pm. We were just in time to catch a movie "Horton Hears a Who!" on TV and that was how we spend silent night. One of the reason we did not join in any of the parties because simply there isn't any. At least not at Swiss Garden. We had a good rest and decided to wake up late next morning since its our last day in KL before we head home.

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