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Monday, February 15, 2010

Xmas Getaway 09 Day 3 - From Malacca to KL

I woke up slightly early on the third day was managed to take a few morning photo of the rising sun. Then it was the same trip to Cowboy town for yet another breakfast. However, today was special as we did not have it in the restaurant, but in the Town Hall. The food was still the same though and we still stick to western. We wanted to buy some biscuit, but the stores were not open, so we headed back. We saw something that look like round balls of weeds and grass on the way and it took me a while before I figured it out. That is elephant poo. Well, I am glad we did not get too close to them.

We started to pack and keep everything. By 11:00am, we are comfortably waiting at the lobby, checked out and waiting for the taxi which we called in at the standard RM70 rate. In any case, since it was a published rate, I guess I did not feel too bad as if I was getting ripped off. The ride was fast and we passed by some stores selling floats and other water toys on the way. I guess it must be cheaper by a hell lot as compared to the ones in Water World which is expensive even for my standard. We arrived quickly at the Malacca Sentral and lucky for us, there is a bus going to KL at 12:30. The funny thing was it was the same bus company which we came to Malacca from Singapore. I barely have a chance to go to the toilet, so there were no time to buy anything at all from the Bus station and before we know it, we were on the bus to KL.

The ride was longer than I imagine due to the jam into the city (as usual). Lucky for us, our hotel is at Swiss Garden, which was a short walk to the Puduraya Bus Station. We had to walk along side the buses coming in because some part of the roads, there were no proper walkway. I had to also ensure that we do not become prime targets because pickpockets and other crime were common at the station and the surrounded areas. We managed to check in and got a room facing some constructions site. Well, I guess nobody can foresee that and I did not expect much of a scenery anyway. I was told there are shuttles going to some area and I booked the shuttle going to China Town that evening. We basically put down our stuff and locked the room before rushing out for our very late lunch.

We walked a bit back towards the bus station, but I eventually gave up the idea because there doesn't seems much of a eating place nearby. I do remember KFC and stuff, we then again we cannot take KFC due to our commitments to PETA. So, we headed in the other direction. Well, not before Jane saw something rather disgusting. A Indian teenager was jerking himself off behind a car and spraying the walk before running off. It sound kinda gross I am sure, but I did not see it, thanks goodness. We eventually found a food place opposite Swiss Garden which was a Vegetarian coffee shop. We had prawn noodles which is vegetarian and packed 2 packets of fried kway tiao (also vegetarian). I must say, even if it is really really cheap food. It taste fantastic. Even the packets of fried kway tiao which we keep until 5pm taste great.

After washig up and some TV, its time for us to go to Chinatown via the shuttle bus which was exactly a van. But I have no complains since we are the only 2 person going. Chinatown did not changed too much. Basically, what we have there is fake watches, fake bags, fake belts and fake other stuff. I did not know why I used to like this place, but this time round, the only thing we bought were from Watson. The cheap imitation stuff did not attract us at all because the quality wasbad and simply not even worth spending the amount on. We also had a chance to shop in a chinese book store and we bought some comics and stuff. The evening was not very fruitful, but I guess we did nto expected much anyway since we were here late and many shop had closed. Before we know it, we were back to the Swiss Inn where the bus will wait for us again. We sat for about 15 minutes and the bus drove us back to the hotel.

Finally we have the catalogue for the TV and managed to catch some programme before we went to sleep.

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