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Monday, February 15, 2010

Xmas Getaway 09 Day 2 - Animal World and Water World (Afternoon)

After lunch, we proceed to the last show (which we had not watched anyway) in Animal World. That is the Cowboy Show. Well, I still wondered why this is hosted in the animal world, since the only involvement of animals in the show is but horses only. But in any case, here we were. I think I would had enjoyed it a lot more if I could actually make out the English, but I guess I was too busy watching and taking photos altogether. The story was messy, but the actions was ok. We have some pyrotechnics and high jumping stunts (oops, I let the cat out of the bag). I would say its unique.

After the show, I headed out and we passed by a place where we can again buy animal food for feeding. We bought some carrots for the goats and the rabbits. Well, actually the goats, but since they rush at us and was actually standing on us with their hoof (which had mud), we ended up dropping quite some for the rabbits. Well, we are city folks after all and laundry is actual no joke. But this is probably the closest I had even been with goats in a enclose area. Since it is already afternoon, we decided that we wanted to speed through and go to Water World. We passed by the Chicken House again and well, we thought no harm looking at it one more thing. We were wrong.

There were children now playing inside the enclosed little chicken tank. But what we saw still haunts me today. Well, its not like I am a Vegetarian, but seeing children pick up chicks on their wings and dropping them from standing height is quite a cruel sight to behold. In fact, I even managed to capture some video and photo footage of chicks which were literally killed right before my eyes. I can't believe the person in charge is more interested in selling chicken feed and letting in children then to take note of what the children were doing. The parents were probably partly to blame too not educating their kids about taking good care and not to run about and storm on children while they were inside. Though not many were killed (we only saw a few), but this was almost as bad as the KFC farm chicken torturing incident. We basically walked off very upset about this. Perhaps we should post this on PETA or something at least to get some support to pressure the owners not to let in children who cannot be responsible for other lives. With a heavy heart, we left and went next door to the Water World.

The Water World is basically pools and slides. I actually regretted paying to go in here, but then what else would we have done if we did not go? There are some minor hidden cost of renting the lockers and floats similar to anywhere else and before we know it, we are in the water. I had been to many other places with similar set up in Singapore and Malaysia. And trust me, even if this was the biggest in Malaysia, it can hardly be the best. The water were murky and while submerged, I actually can't even see more than half a meter ahead. Not to mention that it probably taste funny too. Maybe its just me, I don't think the standard is anywhere close to even some of the neighbourhood swimming pools I had been in Singapore which were much cleaner. There is also a wave pool. which has exactly the same name and same set up. There will be whistle and a jet of water running through when the wave starts. The wave was less violent here I guess. So if you think some of the other pools had been too rough, this may be for you. The other attraction I tried is the lazy river, which also has the same name in the Singapore pools. Not as good.

There were other attractions like slides and all, but since I am not a fan, I skipped all these. This may also be the main reason why I did not enjoyed Water World as much as expected. Maybe if you are a big fan of slides, go try it and give a fair review of it. Anyway our stay was cut short when it started to rain and I figured that its time to leave. Even if the rain were to stop shortly (which it did), I probably did not want to swim in rain water anymore.

So, we proceed to wash up and it was crowded as ever. To make things worse. We forgot the most important thing to bring to a swimming pool. Yes, the towel. So I had to try to dry with whatever we can. Before we leave, we tried to hunt for some food, but was terribly disappointed because even the packed boxed food has a long queue and the restaurant were all closed. So, we have no choice but to leave and figure it out later. We took the Banana bus which drove us back to the D'Savoy Condo and I gladly paid the RM1 for the trip.

The night was long, but we were dead tired. WE simply had to try our luck and see if the room service actually works. Since I did not want to use my hand phone which is charged at IDD, I simply made a trip to the counter opposite our block again and ordered room services for some food at average prices. Well, its comparable high by Malaysia standard I guess, but a hungry man doesn't care. Meantime, we had some biscuit and other snacks to last us until the food arrived. I tried to watch TV, but simply could not because the cable catalogue is not present and I have no idea what is on. After enjoying the food, which was nicely packed and well heated when it arrived, we heard the fireworks goes off in the distant and headed to bed. I wanted to catch the next movie on TV7, but by the time it started at 12:30am, I was dead tired and simply passed. The next thing I know was morning...

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