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Monday, February 08, 2010

How to activate Office 2010 beta products

While some of you might had been downloading Office 2010 beta products and happily installing it and realized that there is no prompt for CD-KEY. While, don't be too happy. It is meant to be that way. If you had not put in your CD-KEY, do check this, open your Office product and go to the File>>Help. You will find that it says your product is either not activated or no licensed. Well, if you do not want to wait until it expiry and prompt you, you can actually activate the product yourself. If you had not gotten a CD-KEY, I suggest you do so and not make use of any of those found online, which could be already activated (which you will need to repeat the whole process below)

1. Open any Microsoft Office 2010 Beta product.
2. Open Backstage view by clicking on the File tab.
3. Click Help in the set of tabs on the left.
4. Shift your focus to the right side of the screen and click on Change Product Key option. 5. Enter the Multiple Activation Key (MAK) which was provided to you, when you downloaded Office 2010 Beta. 6. Check the box to activate automatically or restart the application to activate using the activation dialog box.

Do take note that you will need to activate Project, Visio and Office each separately. I strongly advise all of you to actually go register and activate Office 2010. There is no reason to be using a pirated or warez copy since it is free and those version may contains other "applications" which is not included in the original product.

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