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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Xmas Getaway 09 Day 1 - The Journey to A'Famosa

So, this is finally the day. I woke up early, hoping this will all be a smooth ride, despite the last minute planning. Work, yes that's one thing I was running as hell away from. There has been some very unhappy and disturbing argument which had confirmed my direction towards resigning in the past 2 days and after knowing all that how it will end, I guess I simply do not care anymore. Work, stay here and die here. I am on vacation.

Jane drop by early, well, not too early, but nevertheless early by our normal standard. She has to change luggage bag due to the amount she is bringing and also we had extended the vacation to 5 days. So, we were suppose to be at the Bus station at Malay Village at 7:30 and we reach at about 7:45 actually. It started to rain and we were in time to board the bus to Malacca.

I hadn't been to Malacca for a long long time. So much so that how the bus trip goes and where it ends is rather new to me. It no longer stops at the riverside bus station. In fact, there is a new multi million Malacca Sentral which holds all the bus and taxi now. Before we reach there, there is a small stop over and we had some simple food because we did not manage to catch anything in the morning. The noodles was not great, but its as good as we can get now. Jane also bought a cup of sweeten corn, but we failed to realized that the corn need to be stirred, so in the end, we had non-sweeten corn for the first half and VERY sweeten corn for the 2nd half. The corn was good however. I think it even has a website, going by magic corn or something. Oh, ya, this is the one:
We stopped by the small grocery stop to buy food stuff, which wasn't great since I can tell the flow here is not great. The food is not expired, but close and they even have magazine for 2008 around. But little did I know the big packet of Mamee noodle I bought here is a blessing in disguise.

In any case, we reach after a 4 hour ride. I was suppose to do something VERY important straight away. Because this was a 100% self plan DIY trip, tickets, hotels etc has to be settled. But as soon as I got out, I did not even remember this. Jane failed to remind me too. A friend cab driver came along and I check about the trip to A'Famosa Resort. So, before I knew it, I was on the cab to the resort, without the bus ticket for the trip from Malacca to KL 2 days later.

The cab ride was not so great because the air-con was not quite working. Although the trip cost RM60. but I guess there is no other way around it. Search up and down in google, all that turns out was "34 from Tai Lye Bus Service" was not exactly helpful or reassuring. A'Famosa is a long way from Malacca Sentral. In fact, its about 45 mins ride. I tried to find out a bit about the transport and managed to get the information that there is almost a hourly bus trip to KL from Malacca Sentral. That is a relief. The cab driver pass me his card and mentioned he could get us to KL straight from A'Famosa for RM200. Although we told him we will think about it, we knew we won't. Its not the cost, but rather the cab ride was a lot worse than the bus trip. We finally arrived at A'famosa and fortunately, I managed to remember to check in to the Condo instead of the villa, which is also not that close if you walk.

We are staying in the D'Savoy Condo. It doesn't look like anything on the website or brochure. It is rather old and stuff. In any case, I just hope everything can go smoothly. So, we got our keys and up we go. Just as I expected (and also based on info on the web), some things were not so great about this Condo. The first thing we found out was:

1. The phone is not working. So room services or any help is out of reach.
2. The toilet keeps flushing. Not that I care a lot about water bills or the environment, it is also noisy and I do not think its a great fun sleeping with this.

We down we go again to the info counter across our block to the reception on the ground floor. They mention they will send someone to fix the toilet. But as for the phone, its not working and its a know issue. They gave me a local handphone number to call, but I am hoping I do not need to do that. So, up we go again. It's already 13:30 and we had no food. Luckily we had some snacks like the Mamee Noodle we bought earlier. That kinda save us from dying from starvation immediately. We waited for a while and eventually gave up. We went down, not with our luggage, but hoping they can change our room in any case. And there the plumber was on the ground floor. So up we went again. But I still want to give credit to the plumber. He got it fix within 15 minutes. In any case, by the time this was settled, its about 4pm and we rest up and took a short walk to Cowboy Town.

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