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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Xmas Getaway 09 Day 1 - Cowboy Town

Cowboy Town was pretty much like Sovereign Hill (Australia) type of concept where they model a town like the good old west days. The only difference being that Sovereign Hill WAS a real old west town and A'Famosa was never. In any case, we were hungry as a pack of wolves. WE managed to get our tickets and without hesitation, I took the bundle with the set dinner. It target to start at 6pm, but we managed to get in early, although the restaurant was not open that early. We walked around and found the souvenir shop where we can buy cheap biscuits and snacks. That kept us going for the time being. In fact, we also found a Charity booth selling the same exact biscuit and snacks, packaged into RM5 packets. It was in fact cheaper and we bought a few. But we did not finished them and some of that came back with us back home.

Because we were early, we managed to get the ticket to enter the 4D cinema early as well. Our show was about the undersea and it start early at 6:10 with only 2 person inside. Ya, we sorta have the whole cinema to ourselves. I guess maybe other people preferred the other Office Haunting show. In any case, what is 4D? Yes, its the sense of touch. There are water spray and air blowing etc throughout the 15 minutes show. I recalled having attended one such in Sentosa, but its crazy expensive. While this is cheap and pretty good, we are happy because it is something that really kick start our vacation nice. Ya, I know, maybe I should have proposed under this environment. Its not like anyone can get a chance to "reserve" the whole 4D cinema everyday, but Jane was kinda freaky when the water spray and the chair moved and rocked a bit.

After the ride, we saw a long queue outside and was glad we had got it over. We headed straight for dinner. We basically have 3 choices, which I do not remember, but I chose Fish and Chips where Jane had Chicken Chop. Because the staff were not really the restaurant staff (they were only here to help out), service was not that fantastic. But its not poor. Just a bit slow etc. The dinner was not bad, although my Fish and Chips can be greatly improved. We even order the soup which we needed to pay since it was not included. The soup was great.

When we exited the restaurant, it had began to rain. The game booth and rides are already suffering much from the rain. There is one interesting booth though. One which you get to photograph yourself with a Tiger. Fortunately, the Tiger was under the shelter. Lucky him. But not so great for the mini ponies. They had to stand in the rain. But I guess, its part of their nature, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Since we had a free play at the game, we went ahead and of course scored nothing much. In any case, its just for fun. The game are old and so were the prizes. I think maybe its good we did not win anything anyway. We continue to walk about and eventually found ourselves back at the souvenir shop. The queue to enter the carnival has started and we were lucky to be able to squeeze in. But the time we got in the rain had stopped, but the floor is wet. We just have to wipe it a bit and wait until its time.

To be honest, the biggest thing for Cowboy Town is the Carnival. There are fire breathing Indians, cute and majestic animals and of course the finale fireworks. The first part mainly consists of the Red Indian performers doing fire tricks. I had rarely seen one of these, so it is pretty fun. During the show, the staff where getting their animals into the crowd to take photo together. They will put chimps on your shoulder and snake around you. Basically you get the idea. There were lots of screaming and jumping off your seats. Pretty interesting. There were a few visitors (I believe from Eastern Europe) and they will really have lot of fun (perhaps a bit too much...). In any case, their shouting and cheering is all over my video. Well, can blame others for having fun, can you?

There were food again in between the shows and naturally we bought again. I do not even remember what we bought, except for the corn, which was no as good as magic corn anyway. After the break, the animals and other features characters starts their parade and it was fun and enjoyable. The best was perhaps the elephants I guess. It is really rare to see the animals having so much fun. At least it seems to be. They were dancing to the music and walking down the road.
To top all these, there is the Firework finale. I had not seen a real firework before, so this was a real eye opener for me. With the beautiful firework just over your head and the gun powder smell in the air. This is something I cannot describe in words. You got to be there to know what I mean. The firework may seems brief, but it was really beautiful. In fact much more beautiful then some of the national day's one.

After the firework, we did not wait for the bus. We simply have a stroll back to our condo in the pale moonlight. It did not take too long for us for fall asleep.

And that is only Day 1!

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